Thursday, June 9, 2016

Herbicide that arrests growth of weed

It takes up to 5,000 litres of water to produce one kilo of rice and there is no way the farmer can let go of the water in the fields lest the weeds sprout in. But, what if there is a herbicide which can control the weed growth, meaning stronger crop, more yields and less water usage?
Insecticides India Limited (IIL), a leading agrochemical manufacturer, has launched a ‘post-emergence’ herbicide ‘Green Label’, made indigenously using advanced Japanese technology, claiming to arrest the growth of weeds. This is at an affordable price allowing even small and marginal farmer to purchase, said Rajesh Aggarwal, Managing Director and V.K. Garg, general manager – marketing (southern region).
On all types of crops
“Our product can be used for all kinds of paddy cultivation – nursery, transplanted paddy and direct seeded rice to tackle most of the grassy, sedges and broad leaf weeds of the rice crop. It provides a comparative longer time of application as compared to other herbicides,” they said, at a press conference here on Tuesday.
Weeds affect the paddy yield drastically and with ‘Green Label’, the firm is promising higher yields of up to 20 per cent. One bottle spray of Green Label of 100 ml costing Rs. 650 is sufficient for one acre farm and there was no need to keep the paddy fields filled with water all the time. It is also safe for environment as per Environment Protection Agency (EPA - US) guidelines, explained Mr. Aggarwal. The firm, noted for Tractor brand of pesticide, had a turnover last year of Rs. 988 crore – Rs. 245 crore in South, despite manufacturing hit adversely due to the drought. “This year, in view of encouraging signs of the monsoon we are expecting a 25 per cent growth and planning to introduce more products in the next few months. We are also going to tie up with top Japanese and American firms to bring forth latest technology to our farmers,” they said.
The IIL has formulation facilities at Rajasthan, J&K and Gujarat with 1,200 strong dealers’ network. The IIL Foundation has partnered the TS government to take up awareness campaign in the villages on production of ‘safe crops’ by propagating judicious usage of pesticides, he added.
The product can be used for all kinds of paddy cultivation – nursery, transplanted paddy and direct seeded rice."

Source : The Hindu 

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