Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Krishi Abhiyan to create awareness on new farm techniques

S.S. Nakul, Chief Executive Officer of the Ballari Zilla Panchayat, exhorted farmers to take the maximum advantage of the various schemes announced by the State government to make agriculture lucrative and lead a better life.
He was speaking after inaugurating Krishi Abhiyan here on Tuesday, which is aimed at creating awareness among farmers about new agricultural techniques being made available on their doorsteps. The response from farmers was overwhelming.
Mr. Nakul listed out the schemes that included Krishi Bhagya, soil health, insurance schemes and termed them as a boon for farmers.
Farm returns
“Farmers are experts in agriculture. Yet, due to lack of communication or awareness about the latest farm techniques, agricultural returns are not as per expectations. Therefore, to ensure that farmers are aware of the latest farm techniques, the government has come out with the Krishi Abhiyan which was being held in all hobli headquarters prior to the commencement of agricultural activities to explain the precautionary measures to be taken to prevent loss of yield, adoption of new techniques and the like,” he said and appealed to farmers to make judicious use of water which in turn would protect the health of soil.
Mr. Nakul, after inaugurating a farm equipment and agricultural input exhibition, distributed soil health cards to farmers.
Mallikarjun, president of the Neeravari Balakedarara Sangha, while thanking the government for its concern towards making agriculture lucrative through introducing various schemes and providing subsidy, urged the authorities to ensure that the agricultural implements given at subsidised rates are made available well in advance before the commencement of agricultural operations.
Basavanneppa, coordinator, Agriculture Research Station, Sirguppa, spoke about controlling pests and pink bollworm, importance of getting soil health tested and the like.
Lakshmidevamma, Sirguppa Taluk Panchayat president, was in the chair.
Sharnappa Mudgal and S. Patil, Joint Director and Deputy Director of Agriculture, Ballari, respectively, spoke.
Farmers exhorted to take the maximum advantage of various schemes announced by the government

Source : The Hindu 

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