Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sowing operations in full swing in Kalaburagi

good beginning:Kalaburagi district has received a rainfall of 149.3 mm from June 1 to 20as against a normal rainfall of 71.2 mm.— PHOTO: Arun Kulkarni 
Widespread rain after the onset of the South West monsoon in the drought-affected district has helped farmers to begin sowing operations, which is being done at a brisk phase.
According to the details available, sowing has been completed in a record 26 per cent of the targeted area for the khariff season till now.
Official sources said here that farmers had completed sowing operations in 1,46,578 hectares as against the target of 5.69 lakh hectares fixed for the khariff season. In Chincholi taluk, farmers have completed sowing operations in 50 per cent of the targeted area.
According to the official figures available, farmers have completed sowing of red gram, the main crop of the farmers of the district, in 94,960 hectares of the targeted area of 3.62 lakh hectares. Similarly, farmers have completed sowing of short-duration cash crops of green gram and black gram in 13,224 hectares and 9,875 hectares respectively. The target fixed for green gram coverage was 35,100 hectares and 25,000 hectares for black gram.
Sources said that with the present phase of brisk sowing the area under red gram, green gram and black gram is likely to increase by manifolds and exceed the targets this year.
Another crop which is increasingly becoming popular among farmers is soya bean.
As against the target of 15,000 hectares fixed this year by the Agriculture Department for soya bean, farmers have completed sowing of the crop in 6,970 hectares.
Sowing of sugarcane is also progressing at a brisk phase in the district. Fifty three per cent of the targeted area has come under cultivation.
In Afzalpur taluk, 31 per cent of the targeted area under khariff cultivation has been covered already, followed by 29 per cent in Aland, 26 per cent in Chitapur, 23 per cent in Sedam, 15 per cent in Jewargi and 13 per cent in Kalaburagi taluk.
Sources said that all the seven taluks have recorded good rainfall from the beginning of the monsoon season. According to the rainfall data from June 1 to 20, the district has recorded 110 per cent more rainfall than normal.
As against a normal rainfall of 71.2 mm, the district has received 149.3 mm.
While Afzalpur taluk recorded a rainfall of 120.5 mm rainfall in the same period against 68 mm, Aland recorded 147 mm against 67.5 mm rainfall.
Chincholi recorded 169.6 mm rainfall against 83.6 mm, Chitapur recorded 186.1 mm against the normal rainfall of 63.7 mm, and Kalaburagi saw 167.4 mm rainfall against the normal 75.2 mm. Jewargi recorded a rainfall of 145.2 mm against the normal 39 mm and Sedam received 146.3 mm against the normal 60.6 mm.

Source : The Hindu 

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