Thursday, June 9, 2016

Govt to give 50% subsidy to farmers who choose organic cultivation

Emphasizing on the state's intent to promote organic farming in the state, agriculture minister Ramesh Tawadkar said the government would provide 50% subsidy to farmers taking up organic cultivation.

Stating that the agriculture production in the state has increased in the last nearly four years of the BJP government, Tawadkar attributed the rise to mechanization of farming.

"Agriculture was in dire straits before the BJP came to power. Once the BJP formed the government, we identified the reasons that made people turn their backs to agriculture. We realized that expensive labour was among the major concerns. To overcome this problem, we brought in mechanization of agriculture processes. The agriculture department now provides machines that take care of sowing as well as fertilizer treatment," Tawadkar said.

Mechanized farming has begun to attract the new generation to agriculture as it enables one to carry out farming without soiling one's hand, he said, adding that 16.6% Goans are now into agriculture. Stating that chilli production in the state saw an unprecedented rise, Tawadkar said 17 tonnes of chilli produced in Goa made its way to the Belagavi market this year.

Stressing on the need for developing a positive outlook towards agriculture, Tawadkar said that the state's agriculture policy was in the final stages of drafting and that stress would be laid on total mechanization.

Source : TOI

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