Wednesday, July 27, 2016

E-auction soon at turmeric complex in Karumandisellipalayam

E-auction is expected shortly at the massive turmeric complex at Karumandisellipalayam, the largest of the four auction centres in the district, that functions under the Erode Market Committee.
Arrangements have been made for conduct of e-auction and electronic display of rates for convenience of traders, said L. Kolandaivelu, secretary of Erode Market Committee. Traders would be able to save substantial time under e-auction system, Mr. Kolandaivelu said.
Managed by Perudnurai Regulated Market, the turmeric complex at Karumandisellipalayam witnesses a daily average sale of 1,000 bags, each weighing 65 kg. Depending on quality, farmers get returns ranging from Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 9,500 for the finger (virali) and bulb (kilangu) varieties.
There is fluctuation in arrivals. On some days, the number of bags will come down to 500, and on certain days, the number will shoot up.
For instance, on Friday last week, double the usual level of arrival was witnessed. Farmers had brought 2,141 bags, each weighing about 80 kg, and their produce was displayed in 151 lots. The highest rate for finger variety was Rs. 9,513 per quintal and the lowest fetched Rs. 7,764 per quintal.
The bulb variety was auctioned for rates ranging from Rs. 8,569 to Rs. 7,713 per quintal. As many as 1,837 bags were purchased by 25 traders. Only 13 lots were cancelled, said Arjunan, superintendent of Perundurai Regulated Market.
Farmers patronise the complex not only because it has five godowns with an overall storage capacity of 15,200 tonnes: one with 10,000 tonne capacity, two with 2,000 tonnes capacity each, and two with 600 tonnes capacity each, but also in view of the other facilities including transaction shed, rest rooms, drying yard, weigh bridge, canteen and a large parking space.
The farmers said they preferred the turmeric complex for selling their produce since no commission was levied.
Also, farmers are permitted to stock their produce at the turmeric complex for 15 days free of cost.
At the other three auction centres in the district, commission upwards of 1.5 per cent is levied.
While the auction centre run by Turmeric Traders-cum-Godown Owners’ Association at Semmampalayam near Nasiyanur is controlled by Erode Regulated Market, the Erode Agricultural Producers Cooperative Marketing Society conducts auction at Karunkalpalayam and the Gobi Agricultural Producers’ Cooperative Marketing Society conducts auction at its branch office building in Manikoondu in the city.
The auction is conducted first at Karumandisellipalayam at 10 a.m. Subsequently, the trade is carried out at Semmampalayam (11 a.m.), Karunkalpalayam (12 noon) and Manikoondu branch office of Gobi Agricultural Producers’ Cooperative Marketing Society (1 p.m.).

Source :The Hindu 

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