Thursday, April 14, 2016

Haryana starts e-market for farmers

Chandigarh: Haryana farmers will now be able to sell their produce to the traders sitting in far away cities of the country as the state on Thursday started implementing the concept of E-mandis on the pattern of Karnataka. The agriculture department officials said the farmers, who grow basmati, Bengal gram and bajra (pearl millet) would benefit the most with the launch of the new agri-marketing initiative.

The Haryana government on Thursday introduced online trading of agricultural commodities from Karnal, and Ellenabad in Sirsa. Haryana agriculture minister Om Prakash Dhankar told TOI that 52 markets of the state would be developed as E-mandis and linked with the national agriculture market on the pattern of Karnataka to enable the farmers to get good price for their harvest anywhere. In this system, middlemen will have no role to play and the registered traders from any part of the country will able to quote prices for the crops.

"Any agency accredited by the government would upload all details of the produce brought by the farmers in the mandis online for open bidding. Then, the registered agents from any part of the country would able to see the quality of the produce before bidding for the same," said Dhankar. tnnKarnataka has already connected all its major 55 markets and has set up a web-enabled portal that records all the lots of products available for sale.

Source : TOI 

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