A mango farmer, J Srikanth Reddy from Karimnagar district of Telangana, has achieved the distinction of becoming the first to get his farm certified for quality as per the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).
The farm certified under the INDGAP scheme is supported by eFresh Healthy Food Happy Life Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of eFresh Portal Pvt Ltd. in Hyderabad through its Farmers Development Centre at Jagtial in the district, says Srihari Kotela, Managing Director.
Under the scheme, the farm is inspected and certified by approved accredited agency Food Cert India Pvt. Ltd. (a 100 per cent subsidiary of TATA Projects Ltd).
As a part of the certification process, the fruit is tested for food safety for 34 chemicals.
For Srikanth, the immediate benefit has been the increase in price that the Banganapalli variety grown on his 5.2-acre farm in Narshimulapally village.

Source : Business Line