Monday, November 16, 2015

Rain pushes up prices of vegetables

  • A view of vegetables at the market in Tiruchi.— Photo: M. Srinath
A view of vegetables at the market in Tiruchi.— Photo: M. Srinath

Prices of vegetables in the wholesale markets across the district have registered a steep rise in the past couple of days following heavy showers the district since the last one week.
Prices of most vegetables have almost doubled since Sunday with a drop in arrivals from a cluster of villages noted for vegetable production.
S. M. Yusuf Ali, member of the Gandhi Market All-vegetable Wholesale Commission Mandy Merchants Association, said the price (per kg) of lady’s finger has shot up to Rs.35 from last week’s Rs.15; the price of snake gourd stood at Rs.20 against Rs.5 last week; brinjal price has shot up from Rs. 10 to Rs. 30 while the price of beans has doubled from Rs. 20 to Rs. 40.
The prices of tomato have not only shot up but also its quality has come down in the wake of the rain. Mr. Ali said that against Rs. 30 per kg during pre-Deepavali period, its price now stood at Rs.50. It would take a couple of weeks for prices to come down as horticultural plants needed at least a week’s time to resume flowering after the showers.
N. Anbu, a wholesale dealer of vegetables at Vaiyampatti said that the continuous rains had affected the flowering of horticultural crops.
Most hit are the farmers raising snake gourds, brinjal and beans. He said that vegetables are grown in a cluster of villages including Tharagampatti, Paalaviduthi, Kadavur, Idayapatti, Nadupatti, Kalpatti, Maniyampatti, Karungulam, Seethampatti, Anaikarapatti, Servaikaranpatti, Paalapatti and Kovilpatti.
The price of brinjal has increased from Rs.20 last Tuesday to Rs. 70 on Monday. The only solace is that there has been a lull in the showers indicating that the horticultural crops would survive in course of time.

Source : The Hindu

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